15th Oct’17 ECC Sunday Club Run

15/10/2017 08:30 - 13:00

Grant Lodge, Cooper Park, Elgin.

The route for 15th Oct ’17 can be viewed and also downloaded to your Garmin device at:


The route is: Grant Lodge, Bishopmill, Covesea Rd, Duffus Castle, B9012, College of Rosiele, B9013, Coltfield, The Loft, A96, Califer Hill, Pluscarden Hill, Rafford, Forres, Mackenzie & Cruickshanks, A96, Mundole, A940, Dallas Dhu, Rafford, Branchill, Craigroy, Dallas Ch, Dallas, Kellas, Elgin Golf Club, Grant Lodge.

55 miles.

Cafe Stop at Mackenzie & Cruickshank Garden Centre, Forres.

Depart from Grant Lodge, Cooper Park, Elgin at 8.30am.

Please note that you don’t have to do the full route on any of our Sunday Club Runs if you don’t want to, as some have to return early to Elgin for work or family commitments.